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Knee Pain

Anterior knee pain is a common ailment, most of which are female patients. In the initial stage, the patient may only feel mild discomfort in the knee, but if the situation worsens, the pain will occur when going up and down the stairs or running, and even at night for no reason.

Exercise and Treatment for Knee Pain

In terms of the source of the disease, it may be due to strain on the cartilage of the front knee pain, or inflammation around the tissue, but the real cause of the pain is related to the excessive pressure on the knee or the slight misalignment of the position. The former is usually doing too many knee bending movements, and the knee is often pressed against the joint of the femur; in terms of preventing and caring for knee pain, it is necessary to keep in mind to minimize squatting, going up and down steps and other actions as much as possible. For more research click here.

The stability of the kneecap depends on the quadriceps in front of the thigh. The exercise for exercising this part of the muscle is very simple. First, lie on your back, put a pillow under the knee, make a little flexion, and then take turns to straighten the knee and lift the calf. Lightweight, heavy objects such as sandbags can be tied around the ankles.

In addition, what is often overlooked is the stretching ability of the quadriceps femoris. If this muscle lacks sufficient flexibility, the kneecap will easily deviate to the outside, which will also put extra pressure on the kneecap. Here’s how to stretch your quadriceps:

Lie on your back on the bed, bend one knee so that the heel is closer to the buttocks, then stretch the other hand behind the back, lift the sole of the foot, and pull it closer to the buttocks with a little force, maintain the stretch for about 20 to 30 seconds before relaxing, repeat more Second-rate. For more health tips visit our site ArticlesHubs.

During the process, you should feel an obvious pulling feeling in front of the thigh, but it is absolutely not advisable to endure the pain, and there should be no discomfort in the knee area. This stretch should be done once or twice a day for about ten to fifteen minutes each time.

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Knee Pain
Knee Pain

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